Hi, I'm Aryaman.

I'm a junior at the School Without Walls High School in Washington, DC. I'm interested in computer science and linguistics.

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Some of my major interests are computational linguistics, machine learning, algorithms and data structures, and historical Indo-European (particularly Indo-Iranian) linguistics. I plan to take part in the USA Computing Olympiad for the 2018-19 season and I am a frequent participant of programming contests at Codeforces. I am the head of programming for School Without Walls's First Robotics team, and a member of the Programming Club, the Youth and Government delegation, and Rocketry Club. Formally, I have taken computer science courses at Georgetown University (COSC 052) and an online MOOC offered by Harvard University (CS50x).

I am passionate about the study of the languages of South Asia, being a native speaker of Hindi and fluent in Punjabi. I am an administrator on the English Wiktionary, where I've expanded coverage of many Indo-Iranian languages (particularly Hindi, Sanskrit, and Proto-Indo-Iranian) and developed a deep interest in Indo-European linguistics. I will compete in the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad in January.