Aryaman Arora

Hi! I'm Aryaman, an undergraduate student at Georgetown University double-majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. I am a computational linguistics research student advised by Dr. Nathan Schneider. My research interests are broadly in South Asian language technology, as well as formal approaches to modelling and analysing language. I'm also interested in historical linguistics.

I am a native speaker of Hindi and English, and I have formally studied Mandarin for several years. I'm also a self-studier of Urdu, Punjabi (my heritage language), and Sanskrit, as well as any other South Asian languages I can get my hands on materials for. This has also led to my other scholarly interest in language documentation: I have been studying Kholosi, an endangered language of Iran.

Outside of computational linguistics, I run a non-profit tutoring service for D.C. Public School students called Washingtutors, with Ananya Gulati. I love living in D.C., and I'm a big fan of our libraries and restaurants.

This website contains an overview of my research works, hosts some writing about things I've thought about in regards to language, and whatever else I've felt like should not sit alone on my hard drive. Also check out my resume and blog.

You can email me at or find me on Twitter at @aryaman2020.


Over the summer, I'll be working at Apple as an AI/Machine Learning intern in the Siri Understanding team. I also recently won the Goldwater Scholarship, awarded to top STEM students in the United States.

Website design

This website has gone through way too many iterations. I have finally settled (probably jinxing it) on a minimalist design in pure HTML that will hopefully discourage me from fiddling with it. A past iteration used Al-Folio, a Jekyll theme, which I have abandoned. Before that was something more complex in raw HTML that I had rolled on my own.